Clint Selby

I am fascinated and passionate about new ways of working. The modern workplace is now evolving at a pace that the world has not experienced in decades. The modern knowledge workers expectations now command flexible and agile spaces that provide a pallet of places to work from. Technology is providing a more ubiquitous experience that is enabling day to day work functions to be performed anywhere. So the questions begs ... how do we create a workplace that captures the best talent, retain these skill sets, and nurture company culture, vision and performance? I think there can be a lot learnt from the movement of coworking. Understanding how these working communities collaborate, function and evolve provides some very useful insights into new ways of working. Attending some of the worlds largest workshops and seminars has fuelled my hunger for expanding my knowledge in this field, and now working in the newly established Evil Genius Coworking Lair we get the opportunity to experience it first hand.

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